The Māori Party believes that indigenous solutions can help unlock the wellbeing of our whānau, and our nation. Our policies and practices are derived from kaupapa tuku iho, and aim to provide for the wellbeing of all, recognising that we must improve the outcomes of whānau Māori if we are to be a truly diverse, happy and well nation.

Oranga Tangata


Breakdown | Whānau First ~ 1 of 7

Oranga Tangata | WHĀNAU FIRST ~ 1 of 7
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Breakdown | Whānau First ~ 2 of 7

Oranga Tangata | WHĀNAU FIRST ~ 2 of 7
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Breakdown | Whānau First ~ 3 of 7

Oranga Tangata | WHĀNAU FIRST ~ 3 of 7
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Oranga Whenua


Oranga Whenua | Fresh Water

Māori Party freshwater policy
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Oranga Whenua | Climate Change

Māori Party climate change policy plan 
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Climate Change ~ Pūngao Auaha

Oranga Whenua | Climate ~ Pūngao Auaha
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