Whānau Ora

Whānau Ora has been one of the major transformative platforms of Māori Party policy.

Whānau Ora is an approach to health and wellbeing that puts the whānau, or family as the central driver of their own development. It is an approach that recognises the strength that we have as collectives, as well as the many factors that influence our health and wellbeing.

As a policy, Whānau Ora works to restore that collective approach to addressing our social and health issues. It also supports health and social agencies to come together and provide integrated services that support the whanau to truly address the issues which underlie their health or social circumstances.

Te Puni Kōkiri is the lead agency for Whānau Ora, although there are funding streams which come from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Development. There is a policy element attached to Whānau Ora, whereby Te Puni Kōkiri work on identifying the connection between health and social issues; as well as two separate funding streams.

28 Provider Collectives have been developed around the country who have been contracted to develop collaborative and integrated models of care which empower whānau, while providing support to whanau as they move towards addressing their wellbeing aspirations.

There is also funding available for whānau to rebuild their collective strength and to strategise together about how they will support one another to achieve their aspirations. This is called the Whānau Innovation, Intergration and Engagement Fund.

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