Reedy-Taare commends community action

Māori Party candidate for Te Tai Tonga, Mei Reedy-Taare, has commended the whānau of Kawatiri for coming out in the mass ‘hands around the hospital’ action against the proposed integrated family health centre.

“The action they took yesterday, in over 1000 West Coast residents linking together their hands around the Buller Hospital, represents the expression of passive resistance that New Zealand is known for across the world,” said Mei Reedy-Taare.

“Just as Te Whiti and Tohu Kakahi put Parihaka on the global map, community members in wheelchairs, pushchairs, on scooters and feet, have drawn wide attention to their universal opposition to the government’s plan to replace the hospital with a facility about the quarter of the size.  We must listen.”

“Whānau Ora is all about taking responsibility for our collective health and wellbeing.  I support the people of Westport, Kawatiri, Karamea, and beyond who are saying they deserve a decent hospital, and to benefit from the right to full health,” said Reedy-Taare.

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai