Purpose, Skills and Jobs are the answers for Pasefika and Māori Youth

PRESS RELEASE - 15 August 2017

‘When our Pasefika and Māori youth lose their purpose focus in life because they failed in school, lack marketable skills, and find no job opportunities…they end up as our wayward children. It is not an excuse but it is the ‘why’ our younger generation have arrived in that hopeless space’…says Māori Party Candidate for Manukau East, Tuilagi Saipele Esera.

‘Our Pasefika fanau and Māori rangatahi need purpose not prison; need genuine learning and acquiring of marketable skills but not boot camps (…unless they wish to pursue a military career); they need opportunities including genuine jobsnot another attack on their vulnerabilities’.

The Māori Party is the only Political Party that understands the ‘why’ question of our Pasefika and Māori wayward fanau, rangatahi and youth before providing real ‘what’ solutions that are humane, credible, robust, meaningful, life changing  and sustainable.

‘As a Matai, Community Leader and father, I fully agree with Māori Party candidate for Tāmaki Makaurau Shane Taurima…“We see the National Party’s policy for dealing with wayward children as an attack on Māori and Pasifika children and youth, so we’re absolutely opposed to it”.

‘Furthermore, successive Labour and National governments have failed my Pasefika fanau, autalavou and young Māori. We have the answers and solutions amongst our Pasefika and Māori leaders in the Māori Party’…says Tuilagi Saipele Esera, Māori Party Candidate for Manukau East.

‘In addition, our wayward Māori and Pasefika fanau, rangatahi, autalavou and youth would be better off when Māori Party plans and policies are implemented to give our youth hope; give them skills to re-group; and opportunities to rebuild their confidence; so that they may find their way back to new life, TaTupu!’…according to Karen Williams, 23 year old University of Auckland Graduate who is the Māori Party Candidate for New Lynn, and a voice of youth!

Some of the Māori Party’s plans for youth and justice include:

  • Introducing a 6 month “earn as you learn” job experience scheme for unemployed youth
  • Introduce a 12 month job experience scheme for unemployed youth and pay a Youth Allowance to cover costs arising from employment related activities
  • Establish 2,000 Pacific youth scholarships and 300 Pacific youth internships per year
  • Creating over 3000 new Whānau Ora navigator positions to work with whānau, including youth
  • Creating 500 new TaTupu navigator positions within Pacific Churches and Pacific communities to include working with youth
  • Appointing mental health youth workers in all high schools
  • Putting a moratorium on the building of any new prisons

Media contact: Tuilagi Saipele Esera – 021 146 5250

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai