Our Pacific dream and thank you Māori Party!

Aiiloilo Dr. Elise Puni, Co-Leader of One Pacific, in his speech at the Maori Party campaign launch on Saturday 12th August, said that…“our Pacific dream is to progress, live in dignity, and prosper in Aotearoa, to be united, and speak with one voice. That dream is on its way to achieving, starting today.”

In addressing the Māori Party President, Tukoroirangi Morgan, Aiiloilo said that…“One Pacific is delighted to present the Māori Party with nine (9) of our One Pacific Candidates to stand in the General Seats under the Māori Party ticket. This is our One Pacific contribution to our political journey together with the Māori Party.

Thank you Māori Party for providing us the opportunity to select our own Pacific Candidates to be the voice of our aspiration and our Pacific dream. Thank you for allowing us to have our own voice under the Māori Party banner.”

According to Esther Tofilau-Tevaga (Mangere Candidate for the Māori Party), she said that…”education is a priority for our Pacific families. Thank you Māori Party for championing the current 30 hours of Free Early Childhood Education for All pre-schoolers. Furthermore, our 2017 Policy Manifesto will introduce completely FREE Early Childhood Education for All pre-school children. This will be a real financial help for families including Māori and Pacific families of young pre-school children.’

“We have a dream to eliminate homelessness,” according to Tuilagi Saipele Esera (Manukau East Candidate for the Māori Party). Thank you Māori, and all Marae that are taking in homeless people.  In addition, thank you Māori Party for including in your 2017 Policy Manifesto the goal of eliminating homelessness and poverty.”

“When life gets tough, thank you Māori Party and Dame Tariana Turia for establishing Whanau Ora to help our vulnerable Maori and Pacific families re-group and after rebuilding their confidence, they can thrive again”…according to Manase Nehemaia Lua (Maungakiekie Candidate for the Māori Party).

“Hon Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox, we look forward to your Iwi Rail project to create jobs for us all and to stimulate economic developments for the regions, including tourism. Thank you Māori Party for presenting real answers for employment creation and reducing high unemployment amongst Māori and Pacific”…according to Maryanne Marsters (Napier Candidate for the Māori Party).

In addition, John Kiria adding in his thoughts on the Pacific dream by saying that…“we thank you Māori Party for supporting our vision to create tourism related employment opportunities and economic developments for Pacific people through the proposed establishment of a Pacific Cultural Centre in Auckland”.

Finally, Ikamafana Tameifuna, One Pacific Co-Leader, said that…“One Pacific has turned its back on the Labour Party and turns its face to the Māori Party. We Pacific people are better off with the Māori Party. We can create a better future together with the Māori Party. We can grow and progress together with Maori and the Māori Party. We share a common vision and our Pacific dream… to progress, live in dignity, and prosper in Aotearoa with Māori. Thank you Māori Party!”

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai