Māori meets Mana

Māori Party Co-leaders Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox reiterate that there is currently no appetite for a formal alliance between the Māori and Mana parties but there is an openness to a more cohesive relationship.  



Mr Flavell says the Māori Party has proven that it can work with any party if it’s in the best interests of Māori and the nation.


“The beauty of MMP is parties can work together while remaining fully independent of each other. Hone has managed to get important issues on the agenda as has the Māori Party. The value of that shouldn’t be underestimated.”


Māori Party President Tukoroirangi Morgan today met with Mr Harawira following on from a discussion between Mrs Fox and Mr Harawira recently.


Mrs Fox says: “It’s great that our party president had the chance today to also meet with Hone. His efforts have helped to advance what could be a very important relationship in the lead up to the next election.”


“We want the same thing for our people and we cannot afford to split the Māori vote.”


Māori Party President Tukoroirangi Morgan says: “A more strategic relationship could lead to the successful reclamation of Māori seats from the Labour Party.”

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai