Housing: Creating a pathway to hope


Māori and Pacific whānau have the lowest rates of home ownership and the highest rates of homelessness. They and everyone else who call Aotearoa home, have a right to live in a safe, warm, healthy and affordable home. The goal of home ownership is a pipe dream for some living in our more expensive cities such as Tāmaki Makaurau. In many areas, whānau are finding more and more that their income is being spent on rent and as those rents rise, so too does the pressure on them to keep a roof over their heads, especially as wage increases struggle to keep pace with rising housing costs. 

The Māori Party will:

  • Create a Minister for Māori and Pacific Housing so work to address the huge challenges whanau / fanau / ainga face, from homelessness to home ownership, can be prioritised.  
  • Develop a National Housing Strategy taking into account the specific rights and interests of Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Establish a Housing Sector Committee within the first 3 months of the next Parliament to co-design a 25-year government enabled housing strategy that addresses the entire housing crisis.


  • Require the government to set a target to eliminate homelessness by 2020.
  • Address the over representation of Māori and Pacific whānau in severe housing deprivation.
  • Build 90,000 affordable houses by 2022 (60,000 in Auckland and 30,000 in other areas where there is severe housing deprivation).

Supporting tenants

  • Improve the rights of renters.
  • Freeze rents on all social housing stock and review every five years.
  • Enforce compulsory annual warrant of fitness for all rental homes.
  • Introduce a cap on rent increases for all sate-owned social housing stock and explore rent caps for private rentals.
  • Review the bond refund system and create fairer and more streamlined processes to get bonds released sooner.

Home ownership

  • Enable whānau to capitalise on their family support allowance as a deposit for a home.
  • Provide low interest loans.
  • Introduce options for 'rent to buy' and 'equity financing' for first time home buyers.
  • Subsidise private developers to include a percentage of affordable housing in their projects.
  • Increase the numbers of homeowners.
  • Return to the capitalisation of the family benefit to target support where it matters most – for tamariki and whānau.

Read our full housing policy

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai