Environment: He tāonga te wai

The Māori Party is committed to the protection of the environment – to leaving this earth better than how we found it. We also want to ensure that hapū and iwi, as kaitiaki and tangata whenua, have a significant role to play in decisions that affect the environment.  

The Māori Party will:

  • Legislate to protect freshwater and give it the status of tāonga.
  • Establish a Minister for Freshwater to give urgent priority to addressing freshwater protection, rights and interests.
  • Set up an annual Te Mana o Te Wai funding to support community projects such as planting riparian buffers and establish wetlands.
  • Make the freshwater standard ‘drinkable’ 
  • Support a levy on all tourists entering Aotearoa to improve infrastructure and impacts on the environment.
  • Support research and development of a natural alternative to 1080.
  • Enhance biodiversity within the marine area and prevent the extinction of the Māui dolphin and other marine life.
  • Establish whānau friendly cities encouraging young people to have a voice in the design and planning of their cities starting with green spaces in urban centres.
  • Develop grants to fund mentors to support whānau to develop alternative energy sources.
  • Champion solar panels for government agencies, hospitals, schools and marae.
  • Close all coal fired power plants by 2025.
  • Ensure Mana whenua are consulted on all oil and mineral exploration permits.

Read our full environmental policy

Authorised by Susan Cullen, 5 Gala Street, Waihōpai